March 18, 2020

Custom Military Enclosures | Defense & Aerospace Industries

Military enclosures keep personnel and equipment safe and protected from environmental and weaponized threats. From enemy fire to extreme heat or cold, a strong and well-made military enclosure stands between valuable assets and the outside world. These pieces of equipment are vital, which is why ensuring that they are of the highest quality is...
February 27, 2020

The Leaders in Precision Metal Cutting | Your Size and Shape Is Our Priority

When you think about metal fabrication in today's fast-paced world, the words “CNC machining” should come to mind. At New Age Metal Fabricating and New Age Precision Manufacturing, we know a thing or two about precision metal cutting. As a recognized leader in the Defense and Aerospace industries, NAMF and NAPM are your go-to names for...
February 25, 2020

Large Aluminum Enclosures For Military Vehicles

Metal vehicle armor for military vehicles is vital to the safety of personnel, and to the durability and longevity of these important vehicles. The personnel inside of military vehicles rely on large aluminum enclosures to withstand impacts from shrapnel, bullets, shells, and other enemy fire, and from environmental risk like broken turbine blades...
January 23, 2020

Custom CNC Milling For Aerospace Components | Quick, Precise, Quality

Custom CNC Milling At NAMF In the aerospace industry, precise metal fabrication is in high demand. High-quality manufacturing depends on the reliability and safety of all machinery. It is vital to every aerospace operation that every requirement is met with great precision. Manufacturing, such as custom cnc milling, precision metal cutting,...
January 15, 2020

Custom Metal Enclosures For The Defense & Aerospace Industries

Our Custom Metal Enclosures Custom metal enclosures have an important role in the defense and aerospace industries. Protect-ing important components and machines in both manned and unmanned military vehicles, and doing much the same in commercial and military aircraft, enclosures: • defend against weather and other elements • secure body...