CNC Milling – Vertical & Horizontal

CNC Milling Services | Approved by NADCAP and NAVSEA

With access to the leading technology, resources, and expertise in the industry, we offer the most precise CNC vertical and horizontal milling available.

Military-Grade CNC Milling

As a business in the military, aeronautics, or engineering, your manufacturing requirements are higher than most other businesses.

Without versatile and reliable milling, you can put your designs, and the people relying on them, in serious jeopardy. Fortunately, that’s where New Age Metal Fabricating and New Age Precision Manufacturing can help.

What is Horizontal and Vertical Milling?

Horizontal and vertical milling are simply two different variations of milling. The main difference between them is the alignment of the cutting elements, also called spindles, on the mill. As you might expect, the spindles on vertical mills are aligned vertically. The spindles on horizontal mills are aligned horizontally or parallel to the ground.

How Can Horizontal and Vertical Milling Benefit Your Company?

In adopting both horizontal and vertical milling, you drastically improve your versatility. Plus, both variations of milling come with their respective benefits. Using only one results in missing out on the benefits of the other. This effectively limits your full manufacturing potential.

For example, in using only vertical milling, you miss out on the greater accuracy potential of horizontal mills. Similarly, with only horizontal milling, you miss out on the faster removal rate of vertical mills. Ultimately, in using both types of milling, you benefit from better overall accuracy, material removal rate, plane options, and customization.

How Our Process Works

Step 1: Get in Touch

Before we can fulfill your manufacturing needs, we need to first hear from you. You can get in touch with us online through email or the submission form on our site, through the phone, and in-person at one of our two offices.

Step 2: Approve our Solution

After assessing your needs, we’ll discuss with you exactly how we can help, complete with pricing and timelines. If you’re happy with our proposed solution, all we need is your approval to get started.

Step 3: Receive Your Design

We’ll keep you informed along the entire manufacturing process leading up to the handoff of your product.

We Are Your Top Solution for Vertical & Horizontal CNC Milling

We are proud to say that we have been a trusted provider of Defense and Aerospace manufacturing for over 60 years. Today, we employ the leading technology and expertise available to offer unrivaled vertical and horizontal CNC milling. Powered by a robotically controlled PALLETECH system, we offer 18 vertical milling machines, two horizontal machines, and a total of 24 pallets. Each of our machines holds 120 tools. Plus, with approval from both the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP) and Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), you’ll find no better-qualified manufacturing solution than New Age Metal Fabricating and New Age Precision Manufacturing.

Upgrade Your Manufacturing Today

You can rely on our six decades of Defense and Aerospace manufacturing to provide you with the perfect, tailor-made solution for your needs. Contact us now to learn how we can upgrade your manufacturing.