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Professional Dip Brazing Services for Quality Finished Products

Top-of-the-line aluminum dip brazing services for high-quality and durable products.

What is Dip Brazing?

With the increase in customized goods, the need to join two or more parts together to create custom products has become quite popular. When joining the parts, you should ensure the bond is stronger than the base materials to make high-quality, durable products.

The dip brazing procedure allows the joining of aluminum components to create strong, leak-proof, and conductive joints. Unlike conventional welded joints, dip-brazed joints are durable to minimize distortion and resist shock.

At NAMF, we specialize in aluminum dip brazed assemblies for a wide variety of industries, including military, medical, aerospace, energy, and more.

Benefits of Our Dip Brazing Services You Can’t Forgo

EMI Shielding

Dip brazing eliminates excessive distortion that takes place during welding. It fills joints by capillary action, creating good EMI protection.

100% Coverage

Whether you’re joining thin or thick parts, dip brazing offers complete coverage without the added requirement of grinding welded seams.

Reduced Tooling Costs

Our dip brazing process requires little to no special tooling equipment. We can use common fixtures and save money on assembly costs.

Improved Structural Integrity

If you’re worried about corrosion or wear, dip brazing is ideal due to its strength and durability. It removes any traces of salt, ensuring that no oxidization occurs at any point. After dip brazing, the joints formed are usually stronger than the base metal. This improves the dip-brazed product’s longevity.

Better Conductivity

Unlike adhesive or mechanically attached assemblies, dip-brazed joints offer superior conductivity. This makes transmission of electric current in the end product fast and easy.

Less Distortion

Dip brazing heats metals uniformly in a chemical bath, reducing the risk of alteration of the custom products.

Clean Joints

During the process, molten salts act as a flux. This protects the dip-brazed joints from oxidation, ensuring your end product is strong and clean.

Our Dip Brazing Process

Step 1: Assembly Preparation

We inspect the parts to ensure they’re ready for brazing. If the parts pass our inspection protocol, we clean the materials to remove grease, oil, and oxides. We can then apply flux to create clean end products.

Step 2: Preheat

We heat the parts to below the metal’s melting point. This allows uniform heating of different sizes of metal to maintain minimal distortion.

Step 3: Immersion

After preheating, we immerse the parts into a molten salt bath for a few minutes.

Step 4: Quench, Clean, Inspect

We place the parts into a quenching tank after immersion into the molten baths. This hardens the joint. After cooling, the product is cleaned before an inspection by our engineers to ensure the results are satisfactory.

Why Choose Us for All Your Dip Brazing Needs?

Our company has over 60 years of experience in aluminum dip brazing. We have extensive expertise and training to create custom products for all types of industries. Even better, our NADCAP and NAVSEA certifications set us apart from other dip brazing manufacturers.

As a reputable dip brazing company, we provide you with a quality finished product at affordable costs.

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