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New Age Metal Fabricating

New Age Metal Fabricating was founded in 1979 in Fairfield, NJ with the vision of manufacturing to the highest standards.  As a build-to-print manufacturer, we use the most advanced and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and techniques to meet the various challenges posed by our customers’ unique needs. The realization of this vision made New Age Metal Fabricating one of today’s leading full-service metal fabricators in the Defense and Aerospace industries.

New Age Precision Manufacturing

New Age Precision Manufacturing, in Ronkonkoma, LI, has over 60 years of experience in aluminum dip-brazing in the Defense and Aerospace industries.  Our customers should know that our expertise has been refined over half a century through accumulated experience and extensive training.  Our NADCAP and NAVSEA approvals distinguish us from other manufacturers in the Defense and Aerospace industries.


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Why Partner with the New Age Companies?


Partnering with the New Age Companies offers you the following conveniences and advantages:

  • We are a single-source supplier of precision manufactured and dip-brazed products
  • We offer complete, turnkey solutions to your material purchasing needs
  • We control each step in the manufacturing process of your product
  • You will have a single point of contact regarding your product
  • We will save you the time and expense of finding multiple suppliers
  • We will provide you with a finished product ready for immediate introduction into your production line