How Precision Fabrication Can Save You Money

precision fabrication
September 30, 2020

Precision Fabrication Overview

When it comes to manufacturing or fabrication of any type, precision is key. Precision fabrication, in terms of working with metal, means that sheet metal is formed into a finished product, in a highly controlled, meticulously correct manner. Computer technology is the driving force behind this level of precision, with companies relying on computer-assisted design software to design and lay out products, and computer numerically controlled machines to do the actual, highly specific manufacturing work.

Imagine you have a sheet of paper, on which you have drawn a complex figure. You want to cut it out, so you reach for a rusty pair of old scissors that you hold in your non-dominant hand. The end result is likely not going to be very precise. However, if you put that same sheet down on a computer controlled cutting machine, your cut-out figure would be perfectly accurate. That’s a simplified explanation of the difference between unwieldy, inaccurate metal fabrication, and the high level of control that comes from computer-aided precision fabrication.

When you are relying on parts and components as part of something bigger, that precision becomes all the more important, knowing that each part relies on itself, and other fabricated parts. There is little room for error in fabrication and manufacturing, especially in industries like aerospace and defense.

Precision fabrication is only improving in today’s markets as computer controls get better and better. This level of technology ensures that every single component is identical to its original design, and multiple parts or components are identical to one another. The result? A cost-effective process that can save your business a lot of money. Here’s why.

Looking At the Long-Term

The costs for precision fabrication may be more expensive up front than other methods of manufacture, but it pays off in the long run. When manufacturers precision fabricate, they can manage multiple operations and projects at the same time. Large scale orders will cost less per item than smaller orders, and the overall cost-effectiveness of precision fabrication comes in with its virtually error-free results.

Precision In Aerospace

For aerospace parts manufacturers, precision fabrication is vital. That’s because each part or component has to be created perfectly, adhering to design safety rules and to industry standards. If one part is off, it can lead to the entire craft failing to pass muster, which adds up to a lot of wasted time and money as manufacturers have to pull it apart and try again. When you know that you have precision fabricated parts going into each component you can rest assured that every dollar spent, and every man-hour dedicated to the project is well worth it.

Efficiency In Automation

Precision fabrication is also operationally efficient, generally speaking. Because this process is computer controlled, it costs less than having human workers do all of the labor manually. Less workforce means fewer costs for the manufacturer, and the lowered overhead should translate to a lower cost for clients. That’s not to say that skilled operators are not required even for computer controlled precision fabrication, but that the lean operations have a payoff for customers.

This also means that there is less room for error. Computerized machines are more accurate than those that require human control. Precision fabrication is important because that high level of accuracy allows for worry-free installation. In previous days, when metal fabrication was not so precise, companies had to make modifications and adjustments to be able to put parts on the line. Knowing that the parts are all fabricated to perfection, they can move up the supply chain with ease, and without delay, which keeps costs low.

fabrication precisionValuable Precision Expertise

Another way precision fabrication can save you money is by giving you access to valuable expertise in the industry. The fabricator you hire can help you to develop designs that serve your unique purposes. At the same time, they’ll make sure that these designs enable you to get your tasks in an affordable manner.

The reality is, your chosen fabricator has likely completed projects similar to the one you are working on now. As a result, they probably have excellent ideas for how to improve your project. For instance, they may present design modifications or make material recommendations.

So, let’s say that you’ve been sticking to a single process for several years now. You might want to start exploring alternative processes with your chosen fabricator. Your precision fabricator can assist you in optimizing your design. In the end, precision fabrication can help you to develop quality products while also decreasing your production, shipping, and material costs.

Precision Fabrication Solutions All In One Place

If saving money is a priority for you, then be sure to hire a precision fabricator that can handle as many of your project’s processes as they can by themselves.

For instance, look for a metal fabricator that can handle design, assembly, and every step in between. This will keep you from having to spend extra money and time to outsource specific processes.

The Right Precision Fabrication Materials

Material costs remain the most expensive aspect of many projects. For this reason, it is critical that you refine and reduce your material usage during every step of your process.

Fortunately, a precision fabricator can help you to reduce costs whether you’re using aluminum, stainless steel, or steel, for example.

Here are a couple of material-related questions to ask before you proceed with the production process:

  • Are you flexible with your project’s material thickness?
  • Do you have some flexibility with regard to your metal project’s material type?

These are essential questions because various materials cut at varying rates on lasers. For example, lasers cut through thinner materials more quickly, which will trim your cutting costs substantially.

Additional Considerations

As you seek to save on costs during your project, be sure to hire a metal fabricator that uses fabrication equipment that is top of the line.  In some situations, metal fabrication that uses modern machines might not be less expensive upfront. However, it will pay off long term. That’s because you’ll be able to complete your projects more quickly. In addition, you can expect fewer errors to be made during the projects, and your end products will look better.

Also, if possible, look for a precision fabricator who is located near you. This may allow you to meet to ask questions as well as delve deeper into your business goals and plans. In addition, you can save money on shipping.

All in all, when you leverage the expertise and resources of the right fabricator, you can produce a product more cost-effectively and efficiently every time. And this will generate monetary savings for you long term.

Turnkey Solutions

Companies like the New Age group, which offers full-service precision fabrication, add to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of these processes. That’s because clients do not have to shop around to multiple suppliers or wait for items to move from one partner to another to get them done. We provide complete manufacturing services, which means we control the quality of each part, at each step. And, we are able to control costs as much as possible because all of our processes are performed in-house.

The more suppliers a customer has to work with, the higher costs rise. NAPF and NAPM, as full-service providers, start with precision fabrication and move each part and component down the line with quality care, on-time delivery, competitive pricing, and of course, excellent customer service.

As custom precision fabricators we are here to help make your next project a success. We have over half a century’s experience in creating quality products, with many well-known clients who keep coming back to our company. Contact us in Fairfield, NJ at 973.227.9107, or Ronkonkoma, NY at 631.471.4000.