Top 12 Aerospace Parts Manufacturers

aerospace parts manufacturers
May 1, 2019

Aerospace Parts Manufacturers

Aerospace parts manufacturers play a vital role in the industry, ensuring that aerospace companies have the parts they need for aerospace components, missiles, and space vehicles. Some manufacture all of these parts, while others specialize in one area.

There is typically a high demand for the work performed by aerospace parts manufacturers, driven largely by military budgets and commercial airline traffic. The combined annual revenue of US aerospace parts manufacturers and product manufacturers is around $245 billion.

There are many aerospace parts manufacturers that are based out of the US, ranging from small suppliers to large-scale companies like Boeing. Here are our top 12 picks in the US and beyond.

New Age Metal Fabricating Co. & New Age Precision Manufacturing Co.

We of course put ourselves at #1. NAMF and NAPM have been in the aerospace parts manufacturing industry for decades, working to the highest standards. The New Age companies build to print, as a full-service manufacturing companies for defense and aerospace. The precision manufacturing aspect involves a carefully refined, expertly executed aluminum dip-brazing process, and the company holds both NADCAP and NAVSEA approvals.

NAMF offers a wide range of services, including design, engineering, prototyping, fabrication, assembly, testing, and maintenance.

The company’s state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, combined with its highly skilled and experienced workforce, enable it to deliver complex and high-performance products and systems that meet the most stringent requirements of the defense and aerospace industries.

Unlike other aerospace parts manufacturers that focus on just one item or one process, the New Age companies are full-service, handling everything with the exception of special plating. The quality and timeliness of each process is carefully controlled without sub-contracting, which means there is one single point of contact for clients, and no need to spend time or money seeking out multiple suppliers. The end result is a finished product ready for immediate introduction into the production line.

Design and Engineering

NAMF’s design and engineering team consists of experienced professionals who are adept at translating customer requirements and specifications into functional and cost-effective designs. The team uses the latest software and tools, such as CAD/CAM, SolidWorks, and ANSYS, to create detailed 3D models, simulations, and analysis, which help identify and solve potential issues before the manufacturing stage.

NAMF’s design and engineering services cover a wide range of products and systems, including aerospace parts, missile components, avionics, ground support equipment, and more. The company’s team can also provide value engineering, which involves optimizing the design for cost, performance, and manufacturability without compromising the product’s functionality.

Prototyping and Fabrication

NAMF’s prototyping and fabrication capabilities are among the most advanced in the industry, with a wide range of equipment and processes that can handle various materials, sizes, and complexities. The company’s facilities include CNC machines, water jet cutters, laser cutters, press brakes, welding stations, and more, which enable it to produce high-precision and high-quality components and assemblies.

NAMF’s prototyping and fabrication services are ideal for customers who need to test and validate their designs before committing to full-scale production. The company’s team can work closely with the customers to refine the design and ensure that the prototype meets their expectations and requirements.

We are approved vendors for special processes and valuable members of the supply chain for most of the major defense and aerospace companies including many listed above; BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, GE Aviation, Leonardo DRS, L3 Communications, and more.

We work with clients across the globe, as a single-source aerospace parts manufacturer with turnkey solutions. Based out of Fairfield, NJ, and Ronkonkoma, NY, we are an excellent choice for any aerospace company, whether civil or military.

Details: NAMF – Fairfield, NJ 973-227-9017, or email NAPM- Ronkonkoma, NY 631-471-4000 or emailing the same address. Or just click below!

Other Aerospace Parts Manufacturers


Boeing is a big name in the aerospace industry. Boeing offers fabrication services, and also products like avionics, communication systems, controls, engines, instruments, and modules.

Details: Chicago, IL 312-544-2000.

General Dynamics

General Dynamics might be best known for its Gulfstream business jets. Aerospace is one of its five business groups, through which it manufactures the Gulfstream fleet. They design, develop, and manufacture in Savannah, Georgia.

Details: Falls Church, VA  703-876-3000

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is well known in the aerospace industry, manufacturing mission-critical components. Generally, this business is with the US Department of Defense and other federal agencies, as well as some commercial operators and international governments.

Details: Bethesda, MA 301-897-6000


Airbus is a European multinational company that produces a wide range of aerospace vehicles for civilian and military use. They work with companies mentioned in this list as manufacturers, like Pratt & Whitney, to produce their wide range of vehicles.

Details: Leiden, NL +31-71-524 5000

United Technologies

United Technologies’ Collins Aerospace works in both global aerospace and defense, manufacturing nacelle systems, avionics systems, interiors, mechanical and mission systems, and controls. Their Pratt & Whitney brand manufactures engines.

Details: Farmington, CT 860-728-7000


Bombardier is a Canadian aerospace manufacturer with products for commercial applications. Bombardier makes fuselages, engine nacelles, wings, bulkheads, doors, and stabilizers, along with system components. Their engineering services cover experimental and ground testing services, tooling, and component repair and overhaul.

Details: Washington, DC 202-414-8991


Arconic makes fasteners, fittings, and removal and installation equipment for the aerospace industry. They specialize in products like bolts, fasteners, nuts, and screws, as well as aerospace components.

Details: Pittsburgh, PA 412-553-4545

Senior Aerospace

Based out of San Diego this company creates aerospace machined components. Their jet products department manufactures turbine engine parts, nacelle mounting, attach rings, and duct fittings.

Details: Burbank, CA 818-260-2900

Jamco Aerospace

Jamco is an aerospace parts manufacturer focused on machining and airframe sub-assembly services, for military and commercial industries. They work to create a full range of parts from small turnings to large castings and structural sheet metal assemblies.

Details: Deer Park, NY 631-586-7900


Amphenol is an aerospace parts manufacturer for both the military and commercial aerospace markets. They create airframe and avionics parts for the military, as well as parts for communications, engines, missiles, and rotorcraft. For the commercial market they manufacture interconnect systems and components as well as circuits and cable management products.

Details: Wallingford, CT 203-265-8900


SKF USA supplies parts to the aerospace industry alongside industrial applications, the automotive sector, electrical, service, and steel. When it comes to aerospace this company focuses on bearings, seals, rods, struts, and precision elastomeric devices.

Details: Lansdale, PA 267-436-6000

The aerospace industry is a big one, but we hope this list of our top 12 aerospace parts manufacturers helps you make the best decision for your company!