Defense and Aerospace Full-Service Manufacturing

aerospace full-service manufacturing
March 11, 2019

Full-Service Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a very important part of producing consumer goods.  When companies develop new products, they are designing parts that do not exist. Without manufacturing, the development of new parts and products wouldn’t be possible. The same goes for the progression of technology. It takes the ability to fabricate new parts in order to develop the latest technological advances. However, often times the manufacturing process can be very frustrating.

Have you ever had to contact several different companies in order to see the manufacturing process through from start to finish? If you have, you know how much of a hassle this can be. Trying to perfectly coordinate the different services in order to manufacture a quality product can not only be a hassle but time-consuming as well. On the other end, trying to pick up where someone left off can be frustrating. What’s the solution? How about using a full-service manufacturing company that can see your project through from start to finish? Let’s take a closer look at how New Age Metal Fabrication (NAMF) can do just that!

What are the Benefits of Utilizing One Company From Start to Finish?

There are multiple benefits to using one company to complete your fabrication project from start to finish. First, a full-service manufacturing company saves your company a great deal of hassle. You do not have to impeccably schedule companies for each phase of the manufacturing process, while striving to meet deadlines. A full-service manufacturing company will handle the scheduling of the manufacturing process in-house.

The use of a full-service manufacturing company saves your company time. Without the need to spend tremendous amounts of time coordinating the different aspects of the manufacturing process, you will now have time to focus on other aspects of your company that needs attention.

Save money by using a full-service manufacturing company. This saves you money because the company can perform all services in-house without the need for subcontractors. This reduces production costs and the savings are passed on to their clients.

Lastly, using one company for the entire manufacturing process ensures a uniform, quality product. A full-service manufacturing company ensures quality control as the product moves from one process to the next. Communication between different departments can ensure the best product possible.

Why is New Age Metal Fabrication a Full-Service Manufacturing Company?

Most manufacturing companies only specialize in or two services. This means you must find manufacturing companies that offer the additional processes needed to finish the part or product or the company will subcontract the work. New Age Metal Fabrication offers just about every service needed for manufacturing apart from special plating. Whether you need CNC cutting services, sheet metal fabrication, lathe work, aluminum dip brazing, chemical film coating, welding, rapid prototype machining, painting or inspection services, NAMF has you covered.

A full-service manufacturing company not only has the ability to take your product from start to finish but can help you realize your vision. If you know what you want but need a little help making it come to life. The engineering team can help you design a product to your exact specifications that meet your needs.

What Industries Benefit From Full-Service Manufacturing?

Many industries all across the world can benefit from full-service manufacturing. However, aerospace and defense, are two industries that especially benefit from utilizing a full-service manufacturing company. Products and parts made for these two industries require extreme precision because of the harsh conditions these products will be subjected to. The highest quality products are required in both the aerospace and defense industries. The safety of others depends on it.

When these industries use a full-service manufacturing company, they can expect a higher level of quality control and parts manufactured in a timely manner. Often times, quality products are a matter of life and death.

Certifications New Age Metal Fabrication Holds?

Often times, the manufacturing of products requires certain approvals and certifications. It is important to use a manufacturer that holds the certifications required. NAMF holds required certifications and registrations to be able to complete government, military, defense, and aerospace work. They are approved vendors for special processes for defense and aerospace companies such as BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, Leonardo DRS, L3 Communications and many more. They are happy to discuss any certifications and approvals needed for the manufacturing of your product.

Satisfied Clients Say It All!

New Age Metal Fabrication is the world leader in product manufacturing and fabrication, and for good reason. Some of the most respected companies in the world trust NAMF with all of their manufacturing and fabrication needs. Satisfied clients include GE, General Dynamics, AstroNova, Harris, and Airbus just to name a few. New Age Metal Fabrication have clients from all over the world. There isn’t a job too big or too small for NAMF. Contact us today for all of your manufacturing needs.