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cnc cutting services
January 23, 2019

CNC Cutting Services Explained

The terms metal fabrication and CNC Machines are inseparable in today’s fast paced manufacturing industry, but CNC cutting services are just part of the equation for those looking for contract manufacturers. As a recognized leader within the Defense and Aerospace Industries, New Age Metal Fabrication and New Age Precision Manufacturing are the two arms of our company.

Founded in 1979, New Age Metal Fabricating has taken the tried and true practices of a machine shop, such as machining and milling and advanced them combining the latest technologies with good old-fashioned know-how and a dependable work ethic to provide the very best in CNC cutting services. As a build-to-print manufacturer, we are a leader among full-service metal manufacturers servicing the Defense and Aerospace industries.

For more than 60 years, New Age Precision Manufacturing supplied the Defense and Aerospace industries with the best in aluminum dip-brazing. Distinguished by our NADCAP and NAVSEA approvals, the Defense and Aerospace industries rely on our expertise.

CNC Cutting Services and Metal Fabrication Services

Custom metal fabrication often involves the combination of several techniques toward the process of achieving the desired end product, and while many other operations only perform part of this work, we provide complete metal fabrication support to our customers. From CNC cutting services on up, we are a single-source supplier of precision manufactured, dip-brazed, and painted products. All done solely by us without subcontracting.

  • Laser –  Leaving an edge with a high-quality surface finish, industrial laser cutters can cut flat-sheets as well as structural materials. We use a TruLaser 2030 4 kW Fiber-Optic laser that can cut 5052, 6061 aluminum alloys, stainless steel, copper, and brass.
  • Punching – CNC turret punches have as many as sixty tools in a turret making them diverse enough to create both simple and complex shapes. Punches are less flexible overall than laser CNC cutting tools. Faster at creating repetitive shapes, CNC punches are not as advantageous for compound shapes.
  • Forming – CNC press brakes bend and form metal sheets and plates to a set predetermined measurements. We utilize four CNC press brakes which can form a wide range of angles and radii in aluminum, stainless, copper, and brass.
  • Welding – Our welders are well trained and experienced and certified to weld to AWS D17.1 and AWS D1.2.
  • Chemical Conversion Coating – We are NADCAP approved for chemical conversion coating to Mil-Spec Mil-DTL 5541. We offer Type I, classes 1A and 3, and Type II, classes 1A and 3.
  • Painting – We have in-house capabilities for wet paint and electro-static powder coating.  We finish parts to all Mil-Specs and can meet the requirements of Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC).

Custom Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication continues to change along with the technological advances found across manufacturing. The old ways of metal fabrication meet new technology in CNC machines and the New Age Companies are leaders in the field. From traditional milling techniques to advanced laser cutting, CNC programming can quickly and efficiently achieve custom work with exact precision. Providing premium CNC cutting services we can fulfill your needs. Some of what we can do:

  • Ruggedized Chassis
  • Metal Power Enclosures
  • Fabricate Complex Cabinetry and other Enclosures

The capabilities of our well-trained and dedicated technicians are almost limitless making it difficult to fully describe what we can do. Visit our gallery to see samples of the diverse products we have created at the request of our dedicated customers.

Why Choose New Age Metal Fabricating

Quality parts, delivered on time, for as low a price as possible. That is what the New Age Companies strive for every time and because we are able to provide complete manufacturing services, we control both the quality of our parts and the production schedule from start to finish. Performing the entire process in-house, means we offer a rare, turn-key level of service within the industry. You simply will not find these advantages with any other company that provides CNC cutting services.

The Advantage of Choosing New Age Metal Fabrication for your CNC cutting Services:

  • We are a single-source supplier of precision manufactured and dip-brazed products.
  • We offer complete, turnkey solutions to your material purchasing needs.
  • We control each step in the manufacturing process of your product.
  • You will have a single point of contact regarding your product.
  • We will save you the time and expense of finding multiple suppliers.
  • We will provide you with a finished product ready for immediate introduction into your production line.
  • We are approved by BAE and Lockheed Martin to supply dip-brazed, chemical film, welded, and painted components.
  • We have NAVSEA approval to weld and dip-braze to Navy specifications.
  • We pledge a quick response to customer requests.
  • You can depend on our engineering team to work closely with you to achieve your end vision.

Contact us today to discuss your companies needs and visions. We would love to work with you, no matter if you are looking for a supplier for products already in use, or are looking for innovative new answers to streamline your production. From custom CNC cutting services to a painted, or dip-brazed finished products New Age Metal fabrication is here to help.