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Aluminum Dip Brazing
March 5, 2019

The need to bind two or more parts and pieces together in order to create custom products is more common than you might think. One of the main concerns when joining two parts together is making sure the bond is as strong as the base materials. Aluminum dip brazing is a versatile and economical solution to the need for binding two different parts together to make one cohesive product. Let’s take an in-depth look at aluminum dip brazing and how it can meet your custom metal fabrication needs.

What is Aluminum Dip Brazing?

Aluminum dip brazing is the process of joining two or more different parts or pieces together. This is achieved by using a filler metal at the joints. The filler metal used is 88 percent aluminum and 12 percent silicon. The idea is that the pieces are joined together at a temperature below the melting point of the base parts but above the melting point of the filler metal. This ensures the base parts remain their original properties and structural integrity. In the final product, the filler metal forms a very strong metallic bond across all of the joined areas. The resulting bond is just as strong if not stronger than that of the base materials.

This method is used across many different industries in the fabrication of parts, products, and special equipment. Often times, pieces and parts need to specially made from two or more standard parts. Aluminum dip brazing allows for the creation of either just a one-time specialized piece of equipment or a new custom-made part for the manufacturing of a brand new product.

What is the Process of Aluminum Dip Brazing?

The method of aluminum dip brazing is a four-step process.  The first step in the process of aluminum dip brazing is to thoroughly, clean the parts that are to be brazed. This step consists of a deep chemical cleaning to remove all dirt and debris from the manufacturing process. Cleaning is necessary in order to achieve maximum adhesion by the filler metal.

In the second step, the parts are assembled into their final position. The filler metal is then placed as close to the joints as possible, which ensures maximum coverage.

The third step consists of placing the entire assembly with the filler metal in place into a preheated air furnace to achieve a uniform temperature across the assembly.

In the fourth step of the aluminum dip brazing process, the entire assembly is placed in a salt bath which is actually aluminum brazing flux. This step typically takes less than two minutes. The exact amount of time needed varies between different materials and is dependent on the physical properties of the base parts. As the flux surrounds the assembly it comes in contact with all of the internal and external surfaces at the same time. This joins all of the pieces together uniformly.

The final product will need time to cool and set before it is ready for use. Once set, the bonds are clean, cohesive, and high strength.

Benefits of Aluminum Dip Brazing

The process of aluminum dip brazing offers benefits that other processes to join different pieces of metal can’t compete with. This is an economical method with lower material, tooling, and assembly costs. Aluminum dip brazing offers EMI shielding, complete coverage, and improved conductivity.

Aluminum dip brazing can be produced in batches if necessary. The resulting joint is clean and does not require secondary finishing as compared to other bonding methods. Even if the parts are made of different materials, the heat and stress is uniform, resulting in a product with a great deal of strength while keeping the structural integrity of the part.

Common Industries and Situations

Aluminum dip brazing is ideal for a variety of situations. These include parts which need clean joints, bonds between metals and non-metals, parts made of different thicknesses, bonds required over large surface areas, and parts that have finishes which must be preserved.

A variety of industries use aluminum dip brazing in order to engineer and produce the highest quality products to meet consumer needs. Common industries include military, medical, aerospace, energy, and electronics. This method may be used to fabricate a part needed to finish a product or as a finished product itself. Consumers expect products made of the highest quality and to the safest standards. Aluminum dip brazing produces strong bonds between base parts which means strong parts and products to meet consumer needs.

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