Custom Aluminum Fabrication at NAMF

custom aluminum fabrication
February 24, 2021

NAMF’s Custom Aluminum Fabrication

Many clients in the custom aluminum fabrication industry today are looking to condense their supplier base. It can become expensive and time-consuming to manage relationships and communications with too many disparate suppliers.

At New Age Metal Fabricating we aim to create custom aluminum fabrication for clients all over the United States, Europe, and Asia. We understand the benefits of keeping your circle tight and entrusting companies enough to handle manufacturing processes from start to finish. It’s precisely why we offer services that cover the entire fabrication process. It’s also why we insist on providing you the best customer service from industry professionals and why we’re dedicated to getting whatever job you need done, done right.

Aluminum fabrication is a growing industry and we provide numerous types of popular services for anyone’s needs.

The Benefits of Custom Aluminum Fabrication

Aluminum is a common product used at NAMF because of its durable and lightweight properties that make for an easy application. It is appealing to fabricators due to its resistance to corrosion, softness at the touch, and its recyclable material.

Custom aluminum fabrication is created by shaping aluminum into smaller more finished products like solar panels and outdoor compounds. One of the most popular techniques of fabricating aluminum is the extrusion process. This procedure forces the metal to rearrange its shape to the die and can be done in a hot or cold environment.

At NAMF we promise to produce custom aluminum fabrication that is of the highest quality, consistently affordable, and always distributed on time.  We are ready for any fabrication task big or small and hopefully, this information will help researchers in finding the next best custom aluminum fabrication company!

About NAMF and Custom Aluminum Fabrication

New Age Metal Fabricating was created in 1979 in Fairfield, New Jersey. NAMF prides itself on producing quality manufacturing with the highest level of technology. 

What Type of Services Do We Provide?

One of the services we provide is dip-brazing. In the dip-brazing process, two different types of metals are introduced and are connected into one. These two metals can also vary in thickness and weight.

There are many benefits to dip-brazing such as clean joint assemblage, a reduction in tooling costs, and strong construction. The metal fabricating services include lasering, punching, forming, welding, conversion coating, and painting.

The New Age Advantage

Many other custom aluminum fabrication companies have to subcontract things like dip-brazing, painting, or chemical film finishing thanks to regulations that are in place. These processes often require strict conditions to be met and certifications to be had. 

NAMF is a full-service manufacturing company that is flexible to offer any service necessary for our client base.  We offer nearly every service imaginable to our clients. We are experts at quality control and can be sure to meet any customer’s needs from the beginning to the end of the fabrication process. We remove the opportunity for details (and even parts) to get lost in translation and are able to guarantee that parts meet our high standards for approval through every step of the fabrication process. We meet all regulations necessary, therefore our projects never need a subcontract.

Customers enjoy working with NAMFs services because of our in-house experience that does not require clients to outsource. New Age Metal Fabricating is able to fulfill demands for all welding and dip-braze services because of our approval with NAVSEA. With NAMF’s certifications, customers never have to worry about any additional expenses. Our in-housing buildings can take on the smallest to the largest compound projects.

Who We Serve

Everybody! Many of our projects include working with aerospace companies, construction, and automobiles. 

We currently work on custom aluminum fabrication with companies all over the United States and are looking to expand our presence internationally. We have also done work in Europe and are actively pursuing a branching out into Asia in the near future. NAMFs techniques are fit to meet any customer with a challenging request. The Defense and Aerospace industry names our company one of the most experienced full-service metal fabricators.

The companies that we partner within the US vary in age– many businesses in the industries we serve are reborn through integration with other companies at some point in their lifetime. We serve plenty of organizations that range from thirty to forty years old that have, in all actuality, been around for over a century under various names and partnerships.

We work with teams young and old, too. The engineers we see come through the door tend to be younger individuals just pushing into their careers in their thirties, but we also get to talk shop with the industry professionals in their late sixties who are managing these companies. Keeping our thumb on the pulse of these industries through professionals of all ages helps us maintain a stronghold and understanding on where things are at and where they’re heading.

Solving Our Customers’ Pain Points

Every client that comes to New Age is in search of the same things: custom aluminum fabrication and quality parts at fair prices that are delivered on-time. This is exactly what we’re proud to offer those clients. Because we provide complete manufacturing services, from start to finish, we’re able to closely control and monitor the quality of our parts from beginning to end. The fact that all processes are carried out in-house also affords us the liberty of controlling costs within certain parameters.

Our clients value the fact that we can bring them turnkey service; many of them have outright stated that they prefer working with companies who do all of their work in-house rather than having to worry about outsourcing and shuffling good around.

We have special approvals in place with BAE and Lockheed Martin that render us the quickest, smoothest stop for custom aluminum fabrication. We are also approved to weld and dip-braze according to NAVSEA, a special Navy requirement and specification. The approval process with NAVSEA is costly, time-intensive, and difficult– our certification means that customers don’t need to worry about those expenses.

Those in need of quality customer service to tackle projects also have our engineering team at their disposal. Our team is more than happy to work closely with clients to answer and address any design questions or specifications that may come up. Our thorough and quick customer service sets us apart from other companies in the industry and are greatly beneficial to those who may need some direction in their projects.

Contact NAMF for All Your Custom Aluminum Fabrication Applications

We have the capacity and capabilities necessary to undertake custom aluminum fabrication jobs that many other factories do not. While we’re perhaps best known for creating small and simple parts, we’re more than capable of tackling complex cabinetry and enclosure projects. Currently, we’re fabricating 5-foot cabinets that require over fifty separate sheet metal components to be bonded and riveted together– this takes no less than 2500 rivets each! We’re also responsible for painting these cabinets; we have the capacity and the know-how to take on assignments that not everybody else can.

With so many manufacturing and custom aluminum fabrication companies popping up, it can be difficult to know who to turn to with a project. At New Age Metal Fabrication, we understand the position you’re in when you start on a project. You want it to be successful– and so do we. Contact us today to speak to an industry professional about your next project. You might be surprised to learn just how much New Age can do for you.