Our Sheet Metal Punching Process

sheet metal punching
September 10, 2019

Sheet Metal Punching

Custom machining services involve a range of tools and applications, each with its own features and characteristics. For any project you have in mind, there is a type of custom machining technology best suited to it. With modern technology, your project can be quick, efficient, and can include precision fabrication.

Because most of our work is suitable for mass production, we commonly use sheet metal punching. A punch press is a type of machine press used to cut holes in materials. Such a machine may be small and manually operated. Or it could be very large, CNC-operated with a multi-station turret, in which case it may hold a much larger and more complex die set.

In small jobs or for operations such as prototypes, tooling costs can run very high. One way of keeping costs down is through the use of a turret punch. When tooling with a turret punch, you can create holes of varying sizes, straight edges, commonly-used notches or mounting holes.

By using a large number of strokes and with several different tools, a turret press can manufacture a wide array of parts without having to make a specialized press tool for that task. In this way, it saves the client not only time, but also money. This is used in rapid prototyping or for low volume production jobs that can begin without tooling delays.

Equipment We Use in the Sheet Metal Punching Process

Typically, a turret punch has up to 60 tools located in the “turret,” which is rotated to bring the proper tool into position for use in the current sheet metal punching process. Simple shapes such as circles, squares, or hexagons are cut directly from the sheet. More complex shapes can be cut out by making many rounded or square cuts around the perimeter.

Every press tool requires a matching tool and die set. And there are two corresponding turrets, one above and one below the bed, for punch and die. These turrets must rotate and be completely synchronized and aligned.

A punch is going to be less flexible than a laser for cutting more compound shapes, but it works better for repetitive shapes. Some units will combine both laser and punch features in one machine.

For the most part, turret punches are computer numerical controlled CNC, with automatic positioning of the metal sheet that is to be used. Turret punches can operate faster per stroke than a heavier tool press. While CNC punches are less flexible than laser cutting tools overall, they are faster at creating repetitive shapes.

Both New Age Metal Fabricating and New Age Precision Manufacturing operate Amada CNC punch presses, which can accommodate sheet sizes up to 50×78. One of the punch presses we utilize is the Amada Vipros 357 Queen 33 Ton CNC Turret Punch Press. Another is the Amada Pega NC Punch 345Q.

Why Choose New Age Metal Fabricating

As custom steel fabricators, our one-stop-shop with products delivered on time and high-quality parts is only the beginning. Our prices are always competitive and our expertise is known throughout the industry. Our New Age Companies are always striving for excellence in everything we do. We have the expertise to provide you with complete manufacturing services for all your sheet metal punching and metal fabrication needs.

Advantages of Choosing New Age Metal Fabrication for all your CNC Cutting Services:

  • For all of your sheet metal punching, precision manufactured and dip-brazed products, we are a single-source supplier.
  • We offer you complete and turnkey solutions for all of your material purchasing needs.
  • We are in control of each step of your product from start to finish.
  • For each product or design, you will have only one point of contact.
  • We save you money and time by eliminating the need for multiple suppliers.
  • We provide you with a finished product that is ready for your production line.
  • We are approved by the BAE and Lockheed Martin to supply dip-brazed, chemical film, welded, and painted components.
  • We have NAVSEA approval to dip-braze and weld to Navy specifications.
  • We handle all customer requests quickly.
  • Our engineering team has decades of experience to help your final product designs reach fruition.

You will want to contact us today to discuss your company’s vision and upcoming projects. No matter what you need – a supplier for products in use or innovative new answers to streamline your production – we have the answers you’ve been seeking. From custom CNC cutting services to a painted or dip-brazed finished product, our New Age Metal Fabricating solutions are here to help you right now.