How to Compare Structural Steel Fabricators

Structural Steel Fabricators
April 11, 2022

When researching structural steel fabricators, doing so with careful thought is important. Choosing an ineffective one could prove disastrous for your project. You could not only waste time and money but also have to undo that company’s mistakes.

The trick to finding the best options for fabricators is to analyze and compare certain features of each. This article will list and describe many of these. If you’re interested in learning about them, read on.

Proximity to Your Project

The first fact you should learn is the location of a fabricator. This is not something that should surprise you at the end of your search.

You might find a business that has the best versions of all the aspects below. Once you’re satisfied, you’ll go to order your custom steel products. You’ll then learn that they’re located rather far away from your project’s location.

Despite this, you may still go through with your order. As a result, when you receive the invoice, you’ll find it’s much higher than you thought. This is because shipping costs can be expensive in certain cases.

However, you may know about the high expenses of shipping. In this case, you may still feel regret at having wasted all that researching time.

Another thing to consider besides shipping expense is the dangers of shipping. Steel products can get lost or damaged during transportation.

For both reasons, the shipping time should be as short as possible. Thus, choose a fabricator that’s the closest to your project’s location.

Experience in the Business

Choose a company with more steel fabrication experience over one with less of this.

By doing so, you can feel certain about two factors. The first is that the company has enough quality and reliability to have lasted long. The second is that they’re less likely to make the mistakes of a less experienced company.

Also, research how much experience it has in your industry. This action will prove that it can handle your unique project.

There are many ways in which you can learn about a company’s experience. One is to ask them and research about their history and past projects. Another is to seek reviews and references from past clients.

You can also check out organizations such as the Better Business Bureau.

Work Process

A third way to know if a company can handle your request is to research their steel fabrication process. It’s important to know each company’s capabilities, equipment, workforce, and facilities. Comparing these can help you eliminate companies with which you don’t want to work.

For example, a company may have a smaller facility and workforce. This may be okay if your project is on a smaller scale. However, if yours is larger, it may be difficult for a smaller company to finish your needs in time.

In addition, you want to make sure that a company’s equipment is up-to-date. This doesn’t just show its capability in completing your project. It can also show that it will spend expenses where necessary and won’t cut corners.

Most importantly, you want to make sure the fabricator is capable of all the processes you need by itself. A company may subcontract part of its steel fabrication process to someone else. This can make it difficult to ensure quality and price.

Therefore, your idle company should handle every part of the project. This includes estimation, detailing, fabrication, finishing, and installation.


It’s a good idea to choose a certified steel fabrication company over an uncertified one. The former has proven its quality and safety to a reputable authority. Thus, it’s more certain that they can handle what you ask of them.

The most steel fabrication certification is one from the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). They are a Chicago-based company that works to make the steel industry as strong as possible. In addition to their research, education, and advocacy efforts, they run yearly audits for steel companies.

A fabricator can also get accredited by organizations like the Better Business Bureau. With this, a company has proven that can resolve customer complaints well.


A fabricator with insurance is one that you can rely on. If a product gets damaged during its creation, you won’t suffer from any financial loss.

In addition, a company with insurance is more likely to take ownership of all liabilities.


Comparing fabrication costs is important, but it’s one of the last things you should check. It’s easy to feel attracted to cheaper service prices. However, going after this may cause you to receive less than optimal work.

Therefore, compare prices only when you’re making a tough decision. That way, you’ll already know you’re getting great quality service. All you need to focus on now is getting the best deal.

Customer Service

Finally, compare the customer service of different companies. You want to make sure that a company will provide you with reliable help. If it doesn’t, your project may suffer from miscommunication.

You can do each company’s customer service by calling them. Then, you can ask them several questions. Consider how kindly you’re treated and how well the operators answer your questions.

After, you can choose the company that you feel will support you the most.

While You Look for Structural Steel Fabricators, Consider Us

Along with the factors on this list, you can also come up with some of your own. Consider what the best structural steel fabricators would look like to you or others. If you use the list above alongside your own, it’s highly likely you’ll find the right company.

Also, while you’re searching for a steel fabricator, consider hiring us. We offer fast, collaborative services that use innovative technology. When you add this to over 50 years of service in the industry, you can feel assured that we will meet your needs. Contact us today.