Enhance Protection & Durability with Aluminum Coating

October 9, 2023

In the defense and aerospace industries alike, it is crucial that all products and surfaces be protected and durable enough to ensure their longevity. An effective solution that prepares various materials to withstand and endure for long periods of time is aluminum coating. Our experts at NAMF have identified the benefits and applications of aluminum coating so that you and your team can apply best practices to increase the durability and lifespan of various materials used in your workplace.

Understanding Aluminum Coating

This type of coating is applied to surfaces to provide protective properties. It provides several critical advantages over other finishing coatings.

Corrosion Resistant

When applied to various types of surfaces, an aluminum coating can protect those materials from the corrosive effects of salts, moisture, and chemicals. The coating also protects against harsh elements, making the protected surface last longer—an invaluable quality in defense and aerospace applications.


Aluminum has fire-resistant qualities, slowing down the spread of fire and reducing fire-related damage to the underlying materials. It can also, in some cases, increase the fire resistance of the material it is coating.

Weather and UV Ray Protection

By reflecting and absorbing rays from the sun, aluminum coatings prevent damage and deterioration caused by long-term sunlight exposure. It also protects from other weather-related risks, such as rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.

With so many benefits to applying aluminum coating, it is important to carefully consider the type of coating best suited for your supplies and industry. There are several forms of aluminum coating currently available on the market, all with their own unique advantages.

Pure Aluminum Coatings

Exactly as it sounds, this form of aluminum coating consists of a layer of pure aluminum applied directly to the desired surface. This form of coating is most commonly used to combat corrosion.

Aluminum Alloy Coatings

This form of coating combines aluminum with other elements, including magnesium or zinc, to create the coating. These alloys are designed to provide enhanced, project-specific properties in comparison to their pure aluminum counterparts.

Ceramic-Reinforced Aluminum Coatings

These coatings feature exceptional thermal barriers, hardness, and wear resistance compared to their counterparts. This type of coating is usually used to enhance surfaces that require extreme durability.

Anodized Aluminum Coatings

Created through an electrochemical process, anodized aluminum coatings provide improved corrosion resistance, surface hardness, and aesthetic appeal. For this reason, this coating is typically used in personal electronics, architectural designs, and automobile components that require an appealing finish.

Thermal Spray Aluminum (TSA) Coatings

This coating is applied using a process that involves melting aluminum particles and propelling them onto the surface to form a coating. These high-performance coatings are very common in the aerospace and defense industries.

Enhancing Protection & Durability with Aluminum Coating

In your demanding industry, you need tools that work for you and that are built to last. Applying this kind of coating is one of the most effective ways to get more out of your hardworking metals without having to replace them.

Metal naturally corrodes over time as it interacts with the harsh elements of its environment. Water from rain, snow, and humidity can cause surfaces to rust, and chemicals only accelerate this process by breaking down the metal’s existing protective coating. By applying an aluminum coating, you’re able to stop the problem before it starts by creating a barrier between the metal and the elements.

A metal surface not protected with an aluminum coating can fall victim to not only corrosion but also the harmful effects of UV rays. Constant sun exposure can cause surface discoloration and degradation over time. Aluminum coatings absorb those harmful rays, maintaining the integrity of the coated surface.

As previously mentioned, aluminum coatings also ensure the coated surface’s protection against fire and fire damage.

This leads to money saved over time, improved maintenance, and increased longevity. This happens because the coating can strengthen the original material’s structural integrity while protecting it from any outside elements.

Applications of Aluminum Coating

Due to the challenging environments in which both the aerospace and defense industries operate, an aluminum coating can be beneficial to some of these key applications.

  • Defense Equipment and Vehicles: Military and armored vehicles often face extreme conditions, where aluminum coatings can provide longevity for some of these essential components.
  • Aircraft Components: The protective barrier created by this coating is vital to the longevity of an aircraft. Important components, including fuselage panels, wings, landing gear, and engine parts, are better protected against the adverse circumstances that are encountered during flight, such as exposure to moisture, chemicals, and extremely high or low temperatures.
  • Structures: Hangars, platforms, and infrastructure throughout defense and aerospace workplaces all benefit from the application of aluminum coating. While adding an aesthetic appeal to these facilities, they also safeguard them from the effects of corrosion and exposure to the elements over time.
  • Electronics: Protecting aerospace and defense electronics and circuitry is made easy with the use of an aluminum coating, specifically anodized aluminum coatings.

Best Practices

When preparing desired surfaces for aluminum coating, there are a few easy-to-follow steps to ensure the coating is applied correctly to get the best results and is maintained to last.

Before aluminum coating, it is vital to prepare surfaces by cleaning them to ensure long-lasting protection. When applying aluminum coatings, it is also important to follow the recommended techniques to achieve the best result. If ever in doubt, it is always best to consult a professional.

Periodic inspections and cleaning are the best way to ensure that your coating protects against the elements longer.

Improve Longevity With Aluminum Coating

The benefits of aluminum coatings range from preventing rust and fire damage to prolonging the life of your metal surfaces and saving you money, clarifying it that it’s a great way to get more out of your metal.

A surface protected by an aluminum coating will perform better, last longer, and keep workers safe. For more information or to get started on your aluminum coating quote today, talk to one of our skilled team members.