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August 22, 2019

NAMF & NAPM – Aerospace Machining Companies

Aerospace machining is all about the optimal performance of high-precision machines and instruments. There is little so important as precision in the fabrication of aerospace components. These require the highest levels of functionality due to the high-pressure and high-altitude situations that are everyday considerations for the aerospace industry.

What Are The Challenges for the Aerospace Industry

There are several key challenges for the aerospace industry and each one is crucial to design. These include:

  • Precise tolerances
  • Extreme design complexity
  • Use of exotic alloys as well as other innovative complexities
  • Highly specialized aerospace machining processes and the equipment to go with it

To meet these challenges, you should turn to New Age Metal Fabrication for all of your aerospace machining. When you need the highest level of precision and cost-effectiveness, Computer Numerical Control or CNC machining provides that for all of your demands in the aerospace industry.

Look to One Aerospace Machining Company From Start to Finish

Think of the many ways you will benefit from using NAMF as your full-service manufacturer and custom steel fabricator. First off, working with us alone can save your company a tremendous amount of time and money. You no longer have to wait for one aspect of your design team to finish and then schedule another company for another phase of your manufacturing process.

Second, there are time considerations. Not having to deal with multiple companies will free up time on your side to focus on those aspects of your company that needs tending to now. As we are in control, we have things moving forward for you, so you can turn your thoughts elsewhere.

Third, it’s almost inevitable that you will save money when using a full-service manufacturing company such as NAMF. Our processes are performed in-house and there is no need to look for subcontractors. This reduces production costs and the savings are passed along to you.

Finally, our quality control ensures that each phase of the manufacturing process is met before moving on to the next process. By working with us, you can rest assured that your product will be of the highest quality. You need precision and we provide that for you.

Inestimable Benefits of Machined Aerospace Parts

Aerospace machining has several characteristics, including hard-to-machine metals and exotic alloys, tight tolerances, and intricate contours for components used in turbine blades and structural elements. Due to modern technology being able to provide the precision needed for prototypes and other intricate components, machining has made it possible to manufacture parts for all aerospace applications.

Partnering with NAMF will make all the difference for you in the aerospace industry. Vital areas that demand our machined aerospace parts include:

  • Space Exploration. Without aerospace manufacturing being able to produce the high precision parts necessary, there would be no forward movement in our abilities to explore space. Precision parts play a major role in the international space station and the operation of space vehicles, for instance, which are essential to gathering data and specimens.
  • Cultural Diversity. The precision of aerospace technology makes it possible to travel the globe and share experiences in many different cultures.
  • National Defense. American military forces are provided with the most advanced systems available thanks to precision metal machining. To protect the welfare of people, the use of fighter jets, long-range missiles and bombs, and transports have been manufactured, making it possible to put our expertise on the line.

Our Aerospace Machining Services:

  • Laser Cutting. This process uses a laser beam to cut into various materials to achieve custom shapes and sizes. Laser cutting reduces waste and saves money.
  • Sheet Metal Punching. Holes and indents are produced in metal, aided by heavy machinery. Like laser cutting, sheet metal punching can also be as precise as one needs. For customized shapes, don’t underestimate sheet metal punching.
  • Metal Forming. This process calls for reshaping metal while it is still in its solid state. Depending on which metal you require, certain temperatures are applied to soften the metal, making it pliable for use. Metal-forming operations can be hot, cold or warm.
  • Welding. Metalworking would be nothing without welding. This process is still very much in use today. When done by expert team members, welding produces high-quality parts which meet the strictest standards needed by industries such as aerospace.
  • Chem Film Coating. To protect surfaces from corrosion, this process is used to increase the durability of parts. It is very specific, right down to the thickness of coating for each part.

Many of today’s top aerospace and aviation companies trust all of their needs to what NAMF can do for them. Just a few of the companies who have partnered with us include GE, General Dynamics, Harris, Northrup Grumman, Airbus, and Lockheed Martin. New Age Metal Fabrication is one of the best aerospace machining companies around.