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rapid prototype machining
January 6, 2022

Prototype Machining Services

At NAMF, we work every day with clients who have decided on a new product. In the defense and aerospace industries, this can add up to extremely intricate projects. And these can be costly, to say the least. It’s a lot of work and the production of a new product can absorb many hours.

There are many processes at work here and we understand that one of the most important is creation of a prototype. This is a model of what that product is going to look like. It’s an early version of the product that gives you something to go by and a way of considering how it will fit into your production line.

As a defense & aerospace machining company, we also understand that there is often a big difference between what looks terrific on paper and how that prototype will work in reality. That is why we recommend working with experts like us to guide your ideas every step of the way.

Prototypes allow you to take a design before it’s hit the main production line, play with it, and redesign or tweak it before it is mass produced. This avoids the discovery that changes must be made once production has started. To save time, money, and your reputation, it’s better to see the need for changes before your customers do.

Rapid prototype machining is one of the most innovative and newest ways to create prototypes that minimize waste material, including time. If you are looking to develop a product and are entering the design production phase, take a look at how rapid prototype machining services can help you.

Rapid Prototype Machining Explained

This type of process is something you may have heard in passing but are not familiar with. Rapid prototype machining refers to the process of assembling prototypes for new products as well as for new parts before your company releases them for mass production. To achieve this type of prototype, you need one thing only: a 3D printer.

How Does a 3D Printer Work?

Before things move to the 3D printer phase, a design must be created. This can be done using any modeling software program. When the 3D printer has this file, it will begin to create your prototype layer by layer. This stage of the process is known as additive manufacturing.

While people can use various materials to create a prototype, plastic is most common. Our prototype machining services use the best material for your design.

Advantages of Rapid Prototype Machining

Increase in Cost Efficiency

Using rapid prototype machining services will improve your cost efficiency. Using tried-and-true methods may eventually get you there, but a lot of time and money goes under the bridge when you create prototypes in a conventional way. The traditional method of prototyping products involves carving them from huge blocks of material. When using rapid prototype machining, however, you automatically cut down on much extra waste material. With rapid prototype machining, the 3D printer uses the exact amount of material needed. Rapid prototype machining with a 3D printer saves materials at the same time as creating your design quickly.

Access Actual Size Models

It’s far easier to evaluate prototypes when they’re actual size rather than to scale. Thankfully, prototype machining services do just that. 3D printers build 1:1 replications of parts that you design.

Actual size prototypes let you detect shortcomings on a model fully reflective of the actual part. Anything that you’d see on the real part once it’s manufactured, you’d see here. You’ll never want to resort to the guessing game of scale modeling again.

There is Ease in Selling Your New Product

When you have a new product to present to your board or investors, it can be helpful for them to see, hold and feel it. During your presentation, you can show your design rather than have people imagine what it may look like or what it may achieve. Everyone has seen a model on a screen. What they want is to see that product up close and personal, especially when they are being asked to back it.

Harness Precise Capabilities

Design for defense and aerospace industries requires meticulous levels of detail. Rapid prototype machining eliminates human error that can cause this detail to go astray. Prototyping crafts designs exactly as they’re coded in a system, down to the smallest design feature.

Our machinery also handles parts and jobs of all shapes and sizes. We have equipment catered to every design need, big or small.

Test New Ideas Quickly

You may have more than one design you want created which is no problem when you employ rapid prototype machining services. Now you can rapidly envision your products and get a sense of improvements to make before production. This goes a long way to streamlining your business. Being able to test new ideas rapidly can help you to innovate, stay ahead of your competition, and respond to changes within your sector.

Every day you are losing money on product creation when done the conventional way. Your design team could be creating a product using rapid prototype machining services and altering that design as needed. Faster turn-around times help your business save time and money.

More Than Prototyping Machining Services

Although we’re experts in prototype development, NAMF can do far more than prototype development. From dip brazing services to metal fabrication, New Age Metal Fabrication can help your needs in design, manufacturing, and more.

For more explicit examples of our work, our portfolio gives a complete view of our capabilities. Join us for our prototype machining services, and stay for everything else we can do for you. With New Age Metal Fabrication, you can utilize a single aerospace machining company from start to finish.

Benefits of Machined Aerospace Parts

Parts that start at New Age Metal Fabrication spring from the northeast to change the world. Any expert knows just how essential aerospace machining is to make the world go around.

Our ability to explore space directly hinges on the advancement of aerospace technology. Prototype machining services streamline design processes to push forward into space sooner.

Back on this planet, aerospace advancements foster greater cultural exchange. As planes grow cheaper and more efficient, so does the ability for people to travel to new places, try new things, and create a more connected world.

Diverse Military and Aerospace Clientele

NAMF is a leading supplier to respected companies across the defense and aerospace industries. We provide machining services to a wide variety of businesses. Through our work, we’ve received special approvals from leading brands including General Electric Aviation, Airbus, and Harris.

While we’ve worked with national brands, we remain a local staple. With offices in both Fairfield, NJ, and Ronkonkoma, NY, we offer convenient prototyping across the tristate area. Check out our selective list of clients to see specifics of who we’ve helped.

We are Leaders in The Rapid Prototype Machining Industry

New Age Metal Fabrication is a leader in custom aluminum fabrication. We service not only NJ and NY, but the entire country. We take your ideas and turn them into the realities you desire. Wherever you are in the design process, contact us today for all your fabrication needs.

As a leading prototype machining company, the prototype machining services at NAMF are built for your needs. We’ll supercharge your design process, just as we have with dozens of other businesses. Call us during business hours to get started. You can contact us at (973) 227-9107 for our Fairfield, NJ office, or (631) 471-4000 for Ronkonkoma, NY office. Alternatively, email us at