Precision Welding Services For Defense & Aerospace Industries

precision welding services
October 18, 2019

Our Precision Welding Services

New Age Metal Fabricating has a passion for precision welding services and the challenges offered by the Defense and Aerospace industries. We have successfully met the requirements for a multitude of product categories, including but not limited to:

  • aerospace components
  • space vehicles
  • satellites
  • rockets
  • missiles
  • weapons systems, and more.

We have a dedication to all we serve in the Defense and Aerospace industries as it ties in directly to the welfare of our country. We are leaders in the manufacturing of ruggedized dip-brazed enclosures, industrial engraving, chem film coating, and precision machined parts for these industries. When our customers bring us their designs, we are fully able to meet their product-design requirements.

As our manufacturing process is entirely in-house, we are in control of every aspect of your design. This is why it is good to know that rather than search for multiple vendors to be brought into the project, it is all handled by us, saving you time and money.

Defense and Aerospace Industry Challenges

The Defense and Aerospace industries have many unique requirements that must be met without fail. Precision is key for specs and there are numerous certifications to meet. These requirements cannot be filled by just any company. NAMF is here to guide your product-design requirements from beginning to end.

Exotic Materials. Because Aerospace and defense are often at the limits of design, there are always new and different materials to weld. Many alloys, as well as exotic materials, are used to this end. Materials we have used include Inconel, aluminum, stainless steels, Titanium, and Waspoloy.

Hermetic Sealing of Electron Equipment. Suffice to say that this is extremely sensitive. Often, flight- and mission-critical electronics are required to be hermetically sealed for protection. No one wants expensive electronic components exposed to harsh environments. Our precision welding services gets the job done. At NAMF, we have experience using CNC controlled lasers in a glove box controlled environment, setting us apart in the industries we work in.

Complex Joint Designs. Over the decades, our engineers have been working with customers, designing weld joints and assembly processes. As our clients have come to expect, these weld joints and assembly processes have become ever more efficient. The unique characteristics of electron beam and laser welding make it ideal joining methods for complicated, multiple parts and assemblies. Our welding technologies don’t stop there. We also have other welding scientific know-how in-house, including TIG. Whatever you need, however complex, your welding designs and fabrication can stay under one roof.

Part Heat Sensitivity. Because many of the alloys used in defense and aerospace applications need high heat, welding them is always a challenge. One of the key benefits of Laser and EB welding is that it can be done in small heat-affected areas. This is very different from other precision welding services, such as TIG. We can also use what are known as specialized heat sinking techniques. These keep parts from cracking and warping.

Highest Quality Standards. When designing and producing parts for all of the defense and aerospace industries, there is no room for failure. Every mission-critical or flight-critical component must work. We have built NAMF around standards like welding and testing processes that go the distance to eliminate the chances of weld defects that could seriously compromise completed parts and/or assemblies.

Because we work with some of the biggest names in aerospace technology, names such as Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Airbus, and others, we hold industry certifications. That is in addition to meeting the standards of MIL SPEC 45208A, NAVSEA, and NADCAP.

Our Welding Equipment

Machine types used by us include:

New Age Metal Fabricating was started in 1979 in Fairfield NJ and continues to be a leader in the metal fabrication industry. Our precision welding services employ today’s cutting-edge technologies and techniques, which are required by our customers and their unique needs.

We are a full-service metal fabricator for the Defense and Aerospace industries. Try us and you will discover that we can accommodate your needs and make your life easier. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that your solutions are complete and turnkey in an environment where everything is done under one roof. Your finished product is ready to be introduced into your product line immediately. Call us today or email us. Our offices are in Fairfield NJ or Ronkonkoma NY, and our talented teams are ready to make your designs reality.