New Jersey Company Perfects High Precision Welding for the Aerospace Industry

precision welding
April 18, 2022

Precision welding is typically used for just about any parts dimensional tolerances that are tighter than most, or for smaller parts in general. There are multiple applications for it.

Additionally, it’s an essential process for manufacturing in the aerospace and military industries. It joins materials together to form sturdy, reliable products. The New Jersey company New Age Metal Fabricating (NAMF) has perfected the precision welding process, and we’re going to take a look at how.

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What Is High-Precision Welding and How Does It Benefit the Aerospace Industry?

Precision welding is a process in which welds are applied to a working piece. This happens in more of a controlled and precise manner. There are four main welding processes:

  • Gas metal arc welding
  • Shielded metal arc welding
  • Gas tungsten arc welding
  • Flux arc welding

The main advantage of precise welding technology is that it can reduce the weight of the engine. Additionally, high precision welding reduces overall cost. It can also simplify structural design.

The process can help to improve the performance of your products while adding value as well. Most of the time, electric arc welding is the option of choice in the aerospace industry.

However, high precision welding is versatile and is suitable for various types of metals.

How Does NAMF Benefit the Industry With Its Advancements?

New Age Metal Fabricating is a leading full-service metal fabricator. They specialize in metal fabrication for the defense and aerospace industries. NAMF offers multiple services, including the following:

  • Dip brazing
  • Custom CNC milling
  • Metal fabrication

NAMF has developed processes that have streamlined high-precision welding. NAMF has also simplified the different application processes of high-precision welding.

Expert welding techniques are possible with advanced equipment. They’re also possible through efficient product prototyping with shorter lead times.

You can implement expert welding techniques in different ways, using either conventional or advanced equipment. The welding process is also used across a range of different alloys and other materials.

A project may require high-quality forming. This includes fabricating your metal parts through a wider range of angles.

It could also require fiber optic equipment. This type of equipment would be for making precise cuts into multiple materials. This equipment can also be used for the reliable cutting of materials with multiple thicknesses.

What Makes Their Processes Different?

NAMF offers collaborative design processes and quick turnarounds for new product prototyping. You can modify manufacturing workflows in various ways, and NAMF has done just that.

They included specific quality control methods and custom fabrication solutions. They also included the use of collaborative and efficient designs. Doing all this has made the high precision welding process more simplified.

Using certain technical expertise to develop new solutions allows for new openings. This means that different project goals and expectations are reachable in less time. Being able to advance different precision processes requires a high level of accuracy.

More precise and efficient welding processes happen because of greater weld accuracy. This also includes widening the range of versatility for different applications, as well as acquiring power supply advancements.

Real-World Applications for Precision Welding

There are many real-world applications for precision welding in the aerospace industry. It’s actually used extensively in the aerospace and military industries. This is because of the need for high-quality and durable products.

There are often parts subjected to high levels of stress and intense conditions. These parts require a reliable high precision welding process. Precision welding helps ensure that these products meet rigorous standards and that they work as they should.

Offering turnkey solutions requires high-quality products. It also requires strength and safety in the overall process.

Here are five real-world applications where precision welding is essential:

Aerospace Manufacturing

With this, there may be small parts that need to be welded together with extreme accuracy. Any misalignment can result in a product that doesn’t function in the proper way or is unsafe. Precision welding ensures that these parts fit together how they should.

It also ensures that they can withstand the stresses of flight.

Weapon Manufacturing

The manufacturing of weapons also requires precision welding. These products need to be able to withstand high levels of stress and vibration. The same goes for any imperfections that could cause operational or mechanical failure.

Spacecraft Manufacturing

The construction of a spacecraft also relies heavily on precision welding. The parts that make up these vessels must be able to withstand the rigors of space travel. This is because, any flaw could jeopardize the safety of the crew and mission.

TIG welding is often used for this application. However, with sensitive work specific to this type of manufacturing, reliable and advanced technologies should be used.

Automotive Manufacturing

In the automotive industry, precision welding is for creating strong and durable parts. You want them to be durable enough to stand up to the demands of driving. You also want them durable enough to withstand outside forces. The same goes for elements around the vehicle.

Pressure Vessel Manufacturing

Pressure vessels are often used in a variety of industries. They must be able to withstand high levels of pressure. This is because they’re designed to actually hold materials at high pressures.

You usually use flux-arc or shielded metal arc welding for this. These vessels are often made from multiple parts. Those parts will often need to be welded together, and using precision welding techniques simplifies this.

Have Your Designs Built

NAMF is a leading expert in precision welding and manufacturing. We focus on providing expert knowledge and comprehensive services. Our state-of-the-art equipment, machines, and solutions exceed the expectations of our clients.

The goal is to ensure your designs become a reality by using a problem-free construction process. Whether you need high-quality forming, laser cutting, or expert welding services, our team at NAMF can help.

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