Multiple Industrial Uses for Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

custom sheet metal fabrication
May 17, 2019

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom sheet metal fabrication is not exclusive to one industry. Fabrication means creating a product out of raw materials, in this case, sheet metal, so it is applicable to many industrial uses. Whether the sheet metal in question is bent, punched, sheared, spun, stretched, or cut, it turns into a high-quality, durable part that is cost-effective and efficient.

We have come a long way from the days of sheet metal being hammered by hand into plate armor or tin roofs, with the addition of high tech processes that have made custom sheet metal fabrication incredibly accurate even when creating very small components.

Overall, metal fabrication is on the rise. It was valued at USD $16.35 billion in 2015 and is expected to grow at a rate of three percent annually, to reach USD $21.38 billion by 2024. Consumers purchase about 51 percent of products made through steel fabrication, while businesses purchase 43 percent, leaving the rest to the US government. Clearly, custom sheet metal fabrication is something that touches practically every industry.

Automotive Industry

Think about the average vehicle — there is a lot of metal involved. Custom sheet metal fabrication plays a large role in the automotive industry, from the large panels that make up automobile bodies to intricate engine components. Because metal is durable, strong, and resistant to the elements, it’s a logical choice for automotive manufacturing.

Construction Applications

When constructing a home or business, custom sheet metal fabrication plays its part. Manufacturers create products like brackets, building frames, and support beams, all of which help keep construction projects structurally sound for years to come.

When you look around your home or workplace you should be able to identify sheet metal products like HVAC systems, ventilation, handrails, stairs, walkways and platforms, and more (check out the consumer products section for more examples!). Metal is, of course, a very strong and durable material, which is why it is used so much in the construction industry.

Aerospace Industry

Aerospace is amongst the top industries that call for custom sheet metal fabrication, done precisely with computer aided technology.

In aerospace, and in the defense industry – which often goes hand-in-hand with aerospace – sheet metal is used for fuselages and wings, as well as the intricate, highly precise components that go into engines, avionics, and other vital systems. Sheet metal fabrication is used in cylinder blocks, frames, ruggedized enclosures, engine cowling, and even satellites. It’s no wonder the aerospace industry relies on this process, as metal parts and components created to a high degree of precision touch practically every part.

Food Services

Sheet metal fabrication covers areas of food service and the food industry, such as metal cans, kitchen racks, piping, processing equipment, and food storage. Even metal food carts are custom fabricated, ensuring that people on the go still have access to their favorite meals. Metal is a food-safe product, which is why it is relied upon heavily in this industry, where health and safety are so important to the success of a business.


From high tech electronics that require precision components and enclosures, to printers, computers, and communications equipment, custom sheet metal fabrication has a home in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Consumer Products & Manufacturing Industry

There are many industries that create consumer products with custom sheet metal fabrication. Consider products like awnings, canopies, soffits and other roofing materials, cutlery, hand tools, refrigerators, and even mailboxes! Many are made from sheet metal, custom designed and fabricated to perfection. We use countless custom sheet metal fabricated products in our day to day lives, perhaps without ever thinking about how they were created and how the manufacturing industry is involved.

Sheet metal fabrication is also used to create the parts and systems that make up the industrial equipment that keeps consumer products coming out into the world.

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