How to Find the Best Sheet Metal Fabrication Company in New Jersey?

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November 7, 2022

Finding the right metal fabrication company is imperative for companies in a wide range of industries. From aerospace and car manufacturing to medical and landscaping, most sectors responsible for building our world require small to large-scale sheet metal fabrication.

There are dozens of metal fabrication companies serving New Jersey businesses. With so many options on offer, how do you decide which is the best company to work with?

As you would with other services, you need to build a short list and then narrow it down. To help you decide, you’ll look at things like customer reviews, production capabilities, workforce, and pricing.

Read on for strategies on choosing the best metal fabrication partner for your needs.

Research Service Providers

While how a company conducts the process of metal fabrication is undeniably important, researching the companies you may want to work with is essential.

A quick Google search and compiling a list of companies from the top results is a good start, but you need to dig deeper into each service provider.

It can help narrow your search by the type of metal fabrication you’re looking for. You also want to consider the companies in your location first.

For example, if you’re located in New Jersey, working with a New Jersey-based metal fabrication company has added benefits over a nationwide or out-of-state company. They understand how businesses operate in their area, they are familiar with local budgets and pricing, and transportation costs (of people for meeting and completed goods) will be lower.

Don’t forget, too, to look for customer reviews online. These might be on:

  • Google maps
  • The Better Business Bureau
  • Industry publications
  • A company’s Facebook page
  • The company’s website

Just be aware that customer testimonials on a company’s website, while not untrue, may be biased. After all, a company won’t post bad feedback on its own platforms.

You can also ask a company to provide references from past clients and contact those clients for feedback.

Expertise and Experience

Try to determine what level of experience a company has.

Have they been in the business for decades? Are they familiar with the latest sheet metal fabrication technologies? How well-trained are their staff (more on that later)?

Ideally, a company will have case studies published on their website that you can look through to see how they handled past jobs. If these aren’t available publicly, ask the company to provide some or interview them about their past projects.

You also need to know whether the company has experience as a metal fabricator for your industry. While some fabricators can tackle the needs of all sectors, many specialize.

For example, if you’re looking for fabrication for military or aerospace applications, you won’t want to work with a company specializing in auto parts or architecture.

Industry Qualifications

The questions you ask potential fabrication partners need to go way beyond, “What is metal fabrication?” After exploring a company’s reputation and experience, you need to consider its accreditations and qualifications.

For example, the NJ government doesn’t require licensure. But welders and sheet metal workers still need to be qualified to at least a certificate level to work in the industry.

The factory itself should also have the appropriate ISO accreditations and any accreditations relevant to the industry. For example, you should expect to see fabricators working in the military and aerospace sector with NADCAP and NAVSEA approvals.

Ask, too, about a company’s internal quality control procedures. They should have a highly detailed QC process based on the latest industry best practices and ASME standards—and they should be excited to tell you all about it.

Production Capabilities

Is the company equipped with the machinery needed to do the project you’re asking of them? When interviewing potential sheet metal fabrication partners, you need to ask this crucial question.

This matters in three areas:

  • They can produce the type of product you need
  • They can produce it in the qualities you need
  • They can produce it in the timeframe you need

If you need someone to produce your metal fabrication applications and design them, you need an all-in-one service provider. This may naturally narrow your search because not every company has in-house (or even outsourced) design capabilities.


To assess a company’s capabilities, ask them about its workforce. How many staff do they have on the team, and what proportion of those staff are on the factory floor? What certifications and qualifications do their workers hold?

How many workers and how skilled they are will influence project turnaround times.

Many fabricators deal with raw materials, some of which are hazardous to human health. Mismanaged factory conditions can also harm workers. Make sure, too, that the company complies with regional and federal standards on worker safety.

Pricing and Communication

Once you’ve narrowed your list of potential steel metal fabrication providers down to the top two or three, it’s time to compare pricing.

Reach out to each company for a quote. Remember, a low price isn’t always the best price. Assess all other aspects of the business, from product quality to delivery times to warranties and guarantees.

During the quotation process, take the opportunity to assess their customer service.

Are the sales staff promptly reply to your emails or phone calls? Do they answer your questions with knowledge and enthusiasm? Are they willing to negotiate on pricing, quantities, and timeframes?

Finding a Metal Fabrication Company That Works for You

Choosing the right metal fabrication company is something that takes time. Even small projects require a decent budget, so you need to be sure the company you select can handle the volume you require, produce a high-quality product, and deliver on time and at a competitive price. 

Don’t skimp on the research portion of your search—the more you know about companies in your area, the higher the chance you’ll land the best partner for your needs.

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