3 Things You Need To Know About Custom Military Fabrication Services

military fabrication
July 29, 2020

When you need something built, you need to know there are different custom metal fabrication techniques you can use, and each one deploys another kind of methodology. There are full-service companies that can offer full-project custom metal fabrication that give your project complete one-stop expertise that provide you with the skill and quality results you want.

Custom Military Fabrication

A custom military fabrication that’s done effectively and quickly isn’t impossible to find. A custom fabrication that’s done in-house with expertise, skill, and quality is the exception to the rule, and we are that exception. When you are seeking a specific custom military fabrication project or job, like a military enclosure order perhaps, there are three things you need to know.

#1 It’s All About the Tools

If you don’t have the tools you need in metal fabrication, you can’t complete any job for custom specification or, for that matter, any metal fabrication job at all. Metal fabrication requires bending, cutting, and assembling raw metal in raw forms to get to the desired product design. That takes a metal preparation and assembly process.

Metal fabrication shops need to be able to cut the metal and use their tools and machinery of parts to the fabrication of parts to make things happen for your project and design.

#2 It’s More Than Cutting Punching and Spinning

Custom metal fabrication is then cutting, punching, spinning, forging, spinning. That’s because every single one of those process comes with a specialty technique you need to implement that includes metallurgy formats or welding, electrical, powder coating, chipping, etc. You have to know when to do something, how to do something and where to do something.

It’s never an easy process to learn and what’s more your customers depending on you know when and how to recognize their customer needs almost before they assign you the project.

#3 Metal Fabrication Today Isn’t the Metal Fabrication of Yesterday

If you were a metal fabricator a couple of decades ago and never upgraded your skills or knowledge, then you may be out of luck. Today you have to be able to cast metal, forcing liquid metal into a mold, allow it to cool and harden into the desired shape and be able to create all kinds of different project and military fabrication designs per the project need.

The Way Forward in Custom Metal Fabrication

There are all kinds of reasons to use a company that’s skilled and knowledgeable in custom metal fabrication. But the number one reason is reliability. When you need project reliability, there’s no room for error and no second chances. You need an AS9100 certified company that can not only meet your expectation but can deliver you the customer metal fabrication product you need.

That’s why New Age Metal Fabricating rises to the top of its competition. It’s also why major aerospace industry giants use our services like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and more. Reach out to New Age Metal Fabricating when you need custom metal fabricating for your top stellar custom metal fabrication needs.  After all, if companies that are going from the Moon to Mars use them, shouldn’t you try them out too?