Custom Enclosure Fabrication For The Defense & Aerospace Industries

custom enclosure fabrication
November 20, 2020

Imagine you’re about to send a robot to space. Or perhaps you’re about to head on a new defense mission. You need to make sure your equipment can withstand anything. But what can you do to make that happen? You need custom enclosure fabrication to get the coverage you need for your gear.

Keep reading to learn more about it and the benefits.

What Is Enclosure Fabrication?

The right enclosure can protect the equipment you use, and it works well for metal and other materials. In the defense and aerospace industries, you can’t afford to have equipment with low-quality enclosures or other problems. If you do, you can end up with problems. The enclosure might not fit properly, so it might come off. And even if it does fit okay, the material may not withstand everything you need it to.

Luckily, you can make sure to choose enclosure fabrication from a company with NADCAP certification. That way, you know the fabrication follows a specific process for the aerospace and defense industries.

Benefits of Custom Enclosure Fabrication

You can look for standard fabricated enclosures. However, you won’t know how well they work until you start using them. Consider the benefits of custom enclosure fabrication and how it can help you and your team.

Unique Cutouts and Holes

When you get custom enclosure fabrication, you can make sure the enclosure has the holes and cutouts you need. That way, you can access any internal parts easily, and you can protect the other parts. You won’t have to wonder if the enclosure will fit your equipment. While many defense and aerospace companies use similar equipment, it never hurts to get a custom enclosure.

You can order the enclosures you need and provide the specs you require. Then, the company can make sure to fill your needs. An organization like the military needs special equipment, so why shouldn’t you?

Different Sizes and Shapes

Another reason to get custom enclosures is that you can choose the size and shape. Just like how you may need unique holes or cutouts, your equipment comes in different sizes. You may use similar equipment as another company. But if the enclosure is too big, it won’t secure the equipment inside of it. And if it isn’t the right shape, it might not fit your equipment.

When you choose custom enclosure fabrication, you can make sure everything fits well.

Paints and Finishes

If you want to change the look of the enclosure, custom services can help. You can make sure you get the paint or finish you want. When sending equipment to space, you can choose a weather-resistant finish. And if you need to camouflage your equipment, you can choose a neutral paint color.

The right finish can keep others from seeing or damaging your equipment in the field.

Getting Custom Enclosure Fabrication

Custom enclosure fabrication is an excellent option for companies in the defense and aerospace industries. Whether you just need the enclosure or other parts for your equipment, you can get them in one place. That way, you can make sure you have the equipment and accessories you need to do your job.

Do you need enclosure fabrication? Reach out to us and start your order today.