The Best Steel Fabricators New Jersey Has to Offer

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July 11, 2022

Steel fabricators in NJ have top-notch architectural and structural fabrication skills. These experts transform raw steel into industrial and commercial components that last for decades. In 2021 the global metal fabrication market reached a value of $20 billion.

If you need up-to-date steel working services in New Jersey, don’t hesitate to reach out to New Age Mechanical Fabricators LLC of Vineland, NJ. Our company provides fabrication and welding services throughout the United States.

For a rundown of why we’re the best steel fabricator in New Jersey, keep reading.

The Most Experienced Steel Fabricators New Jersey Has to Offer

New Age Metal Fabricating (NAMF) was founded in 1979 in Fairfield, NJ. With over 40 years of experience, we’ve had plenty of time to fine-tune our steel fabrication work. NAMF has produced a range of products for both the defense and aerospace industries, which need to be of the highest quality.


All parts fabricated by NAMF meet the highest standards and regulations in the metal fabrication industry. We’ve been audited by Perry Johnson Registrars to certify that we conform with ISO 9001:2015 and AS91000D. We also have NADCAP Certification for chemical processing.

Our corporate quality control manual is available to view on our website. Feel free to look through to see a detailed rundown of all the measures we have in place to ensure our products are the best available.


At NAMF we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers. We have a range of steel fabrication processes that we can use to produce parts to your exact specifications.

Laser Cutting

There are many options when it comes to cutting metal, but in many situations, laser cutting is the best. Using CAD designs along with a CNC machine, we can cut parts to incredibly precise specifications.

A laser cutting machine can cut incredibly complex shapes/patterns, and as it’s automated, we can produce parts at a fast rate with very little manual input. Laser cutting also results in cleaner finishes than other cutting techniques and can meet incredibly tight tolerances.


Our punch presses are ideal for cutting through steel sheets up to 50 x 78 inches. We can offer a very quick turnaround for parts which is ideal for prototyping. If you have any parts that need holes, this is the most cost-effective way of doing it.

We can also punch holes in parts with unconventional shapes, so if you have any unusual parts that need holes, we’ll be able to get it done for you.


Sometimes our clients need very particular parts manufactured, and this is possible with forming. This involves bending sheet metal as needed. As CNC is used for this process, it allows for a very high level of accuracy and consistency in parts.

We have four CNC press brakes and using these we can form parts with various angles and radii. On top of steel, we can also form parts from aluminum, brass, and copper.


We have a team of fully trained welders who are capable of using conventional welding tools as well as more advanced equipment. Whatever metals or alloys need to be welded, we can handle it.

All of our welders have AWS D17.1 and AWS D1.2 certifications.


Depending on the application of a part, it may be exposed to moisture and other elements. We can apply protective resistance coatings to our products to make them corrosion resistant. This chemical conversion coating has excellent conductivity.

NAMF is certified by NADCAP for chemical conversion coating to Mil-Spec Mil-DTL 5541. This includes Type I and Type II (classes 1A and 3).


We have advanced paint coating facilities to give your parts a professional finish. On top of that, we can meet a range of mechanical properties with the various options we have:

  • Air dry
  • Baked enamels
  • Powder epoxies

We can meet any CARD (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) requirements and all parts are finished to Mil-Specs.

CNC Milling

We have several military-based clients, which means we have higher requirements than most other businesses. Any parts that don’t meet the required standards could fail to perform properly, and potentially put people in danger.

We offer military-grade horizontal and vertical CNC milling which is approved by NAVSEA and NADCAP. This allows us to work with different alignments when cutting materials.

Our Process

You can contact us through our website, via email, over the phone, or in person. After discussing your needs, we can determine what the best solution is. We’ll be able to give you a cost estimate as well as a timeline.

Once we’ve agreed on a plan, we’ll just need your approval and we can start working. Our team will keep in contact with you throughout the entire process so that you know what stage we’re at and when. After all the necessary parts are fabricated we’ll hand them off to you, and you can continue with your project.


As one of New Jersey’s highest-quality structural steel fabricators, we have established an impressive list of clients. We currently produce parts for companies such as:

  • Airbus
  • GE Aviation
  • General Dynamics
  • AstroNova Aerospace
  • General Dynamics

We also have several special process approvals from BAE Systems, Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin.

The Best Steel Fabricators in NJ

When it comes to steel fabricators, there are plenty of options in New Jersey and across the US, but NAMF stands amongst the best. Our clients require the highest quality products available, and we work to meet their needs with every part we produce. If you’re after quality, NAMF is one of the best steel fabricators in NJ.

For any questions, or if you want to know more about our services, click here to contact us today.