Discover New Precision Laser Cutting Services At NAMF

November 10, 2020

precision laser cutting services

Precision Laser Cutting Services

Compared to conventional metal fabrication methods, precision laser cutting services ensure highly accurate and safe results. The process involves a computer-operated program that directs a high power laser at the metal to be cut. It results in melting, burning, or vaporizing metal, with an accurate and glossy surface finish.

When dealing with military and aerospace sheet metal fabrication, there is no room for errors. Our expertise in precision laser cutting services ensures perfect symmetry, consistency, and accuracy in the finished products.

Laser Cutting Services You Can Expect

When you work with a full-service company like NAMF, leave your worries behind and expect turnkey solutions. Since precision laser cutting services involve more than one process, we provide every aspect of manufacturing, painting, welding, and dip-brazing to meet your needs. You can expect services like:

  • Laser Cutting: Using a 4 kW fiber optic TruLaser, we can cut various materials, including stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, and copper. Our advanced technology allows precision cutting for flat sheets and structural metals that require more specific and direct precision points.
  • Laser Welding: We have highly trained and certified welders in our facility to work on varied parts in varying dimensions, per AWS D1.2 and AWS D17.1.
  • Electrochemical Treatment: The laser cutting processes require specialized electrochemical treatments like electro-polishing for shiny surfaces. We are also approved for Mil-Spec Mil-DTL 5541 chemical conversion coating in various classes.
  • Metal Fabrication and Punching: With our latest CAD/CAM and laser cutting capabilities, we provide accurate parts for various industrial and military needs. Our metal fabrication process includes CNC press brakes and stamping presses to choose the most suitable manufacturing process without inflating the costs. Accommodating sheet sizes up to 50×78 and 60 tools in our turret punches enable us to provide precision manufacturing solutions for simple to intricate designs.
  • Finishing: Delivering a wholly finished part is integral to precision laser cutting services. Hence, we provide the required hardware, coatings, and finishing, including wet paint and electrostatic powder coating in compliance with Mil-Specs and CARC.
  • Quality Control: Quality is imperative for precision laser cutting processes. Roughness, oxide formation, burr absence, dimensional accuracy, and heat-affected zone (HAZ) formation are the criteria for service quality. We maintain strict controls with our well-trained personnel and cutting-edge tools.

Choosing the Right Precision Laser Cutting Services

Working with the right partner can make significant differences in the costs and efficiencies. Hence, look for these capabilities and features before selecting precision laser cutting services.

Certification and Experience

Certification ensures that the fabricator undergoes stringent regulatory checks for flawless outcomes. We are an AS9100 certified company with the capability to manufacture products that can withstand harsh conditions, especially in military and defense environments.

Customized Solutions

No matter the complexity of your design project, the fabricator should be well-equipped to gauge every requirement and provide custom solutions. We bring forth the modern micro-machining technologies to work on any material with minimum set up and turnaround time.

 With full-service capabilities, we can handle every aspect of your product design process, including material procurement and metal fabrication.