Why You Should Use NADCAP Approved Platers

nadcap approved platers
July 29, 2019

NADCAP Approved Platers

We’ll get straight to the point – NADCAP approved platers are the best option for businesses needing products for aerospace purposes.

NADCAP approved platers have been accredited by the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program. That means that these businesses have gone through a Performance Review Institute audit, through which an approved auditor checks to see that the company’s processes meet or exceed an industry-approved standard. Technical experts and the government work together to set these standards by consensus, and companies must fully conform to be NADCAP approved.

It isn’t easy to become NADCAP accredited, but it’s well worth it for companies who are willing to put in the effort to ensure that they are always providing top products and top performance. When you see ‘NADCAP accredited’ you should know that that company is committed to excelling in the aerospace industry.

Before NADCAP was in place aerospace companies had to audit their own suppliers to their own process requirements, which took up a lot of time and was ultimately redundant given most suppliers and aerospace companies were all looking for the same things in their audits. It drove up costs without adding many, if any, benefits. NADCAP was introduced to handle that problem, creating a standardized approach that helps move products through the supply line quickly and efficiently without compromising on safety or quality.

NADCAP approved platers are thus highly qualified, experienced, and the best of the best when it comes to the aerospace manufacturing and fabricating industry, offering compliance with stringent standards, high-quality work, and a familiarity with the practices and standards of prime companies. In fact, NADCAP says 85% of accredited companies report a measured improvement in quality as a result of being accredited.

Benefits of NADCAP Approval

Outside of the fact that NADCAP approved platers are in full compliance with industry standards, there are other benefits to working with businesses who have obtained this approval.

Most aerospace prime companies and their suppliers will not work with organizations that are not NADCAP approved. That is because of the high standards and rigorous testing that NADCAP approved platers and other manufacturers and fabricators have to meet. This type of vendor pre-approval makes the entire manufacturing process faster and smoother, so if you are involved in supplying parts and products for a major defense or aerospace company, it’s a major time saver and cost-effective move to choose a NADCAP approved plater.

According to NADCAP, more than two-thirds of aerospace industry representatives believe NADCAP contributes to the overall aerospace industry safety record. Everyone in this industry cares about safe practices, and working with a compliant, accredited manufacturer and fabricator is one great way to promote a strong commitment to safety.

NADCAP Accreditation and New Age Companies

We know how frustrating it can be to have to work with various companies to get from the start of a project through to the finished product, especially when your own upline requires adherence to NADCAP and other standards. At the New Age companies, we take away the hassle and the need for coordination. We are a full-service manufacturer, providing NADCAP approved platers to our clients as one part of what we do.

Ultimately, working with a NADCAP accredited, full-service manufacturer lets your company start a project with one constant contact, who will keep you up to date and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Instead of needing to research NADCAP accredited platers and schedule your product to move from manufacturing to that plater, you can sit back and relax knowing that manufacturing, from start to finish, is in our capable and accredited hands. That gives your company time and freedom to pursue other contracts, handle other work, and otherwise take advantage of our tightly honed process.

From vertical milling services to sheet metal fabrication, to dip brazing, chemical film coating, welding, and of course, NADCAP approved plating, we do it all, and we do it all well. We know how vital quality parts are to the aerospace industry, and we deliver only the best, precisely manufactured, tested, and controlled at each step.

Clients see the value in NADCAP accreditation. NADCAP’s 20th-anniversary survey revealed 1500 aerospace suppliers believe accreditation has increased sales and brought in new business, as clients come to understand what NADCAP accreditation means and how hard a supplier has to work to ensure that they are in compliance. You, too, can see the impacts of NADCAP’s accreditation and auditing by choosing to work with a NADCAP approved plater for your next project.

As a NADCAP approved company, we believe in standardized quality. Get in touch with New Age Metal Fabricating at 973.227.9107 or info@namf.com, or connect with New Age Precision Manufacturing at 631.471.4000 or info@napm.com.