Custom Industrial Enclosures & Value-Added Services

industrial enclosures
July 22, 2020

Many companies don’t know too much about custom industrial enclosure unless they need to use them to house electronic components or valuable equipment. Industrial enclosures can provide your company with a way to protect personnel from an accidental injury when large or unstable equipment is in operation. Sometimes it prevents the ingress of dust and water when a worksite is right on top of an environmental location that is still untamed and primarily one that nature controls.

It doesn’t take long to ascertain when you need a custom industrial enclosure that provides these value-added services, However, selecting the right materials and size you need for your enclosure may take you a bit of time and consideration. Read on to learn more about the tips you can use on finding the right materials you want and the size you need for your industrial enclosure.

Industrial Enclosures

The industrial enclosure is broken down by type. The type is broken down by its size, rating, material, and what it was designed to provide. Some enclosures are called consoles because they are freestanding and tend to link like the consoles from a while back that had sloped fronts or tops that allowed mounting control components. Someone came along and broke the console down into the console by taking the sloped front and mounting it on either of the two sides and are ideal to house electrical devices in.

A modular enclosure is considered a customer’s industrial unit that can be stacked as companies need to for whatever storage capacity they need to use it for electronic and instrument enclosures. Whether your industrial enclosure is small or large aluminum, you want it to travel well and protect whatever is within, which is why the enclosure’s primary function is defined by the National Electrical Manufacturer Association (NEMA) rating.

Custom Industrial Enclosures

If you already know you’re industrial enclosure’s environment, protective level, and approximate NEMA rating, how do you choose the right materials and size for your needs knowing those things? Basically, NEMA 1 is a general-purpose industrial enclosure best used for inside use that helps instrumentation guard against dirt, dust, and light.

If you want to skip on over to Type 3R, you can get an enclosure that’s supposed to be industrial weather-resistant but sometimes isn’t depending on what material you select to use. Jump all the way over to Type 12 enclosures; you usually have industrial enclosures made of steel, but 13 kicks it up a notch because it gives you non-corrosive metals.

Creative Enclosures

Almost every vendor can promise an industrial enclosure that meets your needs, but there is usually only one that offers you the best when they provide the product that does meet your project component needs. It doesn’t take much, but it takes the right combination of metal, technology, know-how, and size to provide industrial enclosures that are customized to meet your needs best.

There is no substitute for that combination, and there never will be. So reach out to New Age Metal Fabricating Company when you’re ready for the best because the best is all we deal in.