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Facility Size

40,000 SQ. FT. on 5 acres of land

Quality Control / Inspection Equipment

* An ISO 9001:2008 AS 9100 certified quality system*

* Responsible for achieving zero defects and adhering to the highest workmanship standards controlled by our ISO 9001: 2008 and AS 9100 procedures

* 1 Brown & Sharpe Micro-Hite 9000 with LED and printer
* 1 Mitutoyo 3D Bright-M BRT-M707 CMM that works with MCAT v2.3R Ed. 5 software
* 1 Tesla Micro-Hite 3D CMM with LED controller
* 1 Nikon V12A optical comparator
* 1 Wilson 8JR hardness tester
*  Large assortment of surface tables
*  Large assortment of Meyer thread gauges
*  Large assortment of Meyer plug gauges
Full range of micrometers

Computerized Engineering

3 seats of Pro-Engineering CAD software
1 seat of Auto-Cad
3 seats of Teksoft CAD software
1 seat of Gibbs software
2 seat of CAMWorks
1 seat of Bysoft
1 Hewlett Packard Plotter
Systems are internet connected
Can accept all forms of computer files

Engineering Department consists of 4 people with over sixty-years combined experience who can handle all phases of engineering projects, including: Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD-CAM) layout of parts as well as Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) and Laser programming. Department uses Pro-Engineering, Teksoft, Auto-Cad, Solid Works, and CadKey software, and can accept all forms of computer files.

Machine Shop

1 Mazak HCN-5000 horizontal milling machine with 12-station HI-RISE Palletech System
2 Mazak PFH-5800 horizontal milling machines with 24-station HI-RISE Palletech System
1 Mazak NEXUS-510 vertical milling machine with pallet-changer system
1 Fadal Vertical 20-station CNC with a 20" x 40" x 18" capacity
1 Fadal Vertical 20-station CNC with a 20" x 50" x 24" capacity
1 Bridgeport vertical milling machine
1 Jet JTM-1050 vertical milling machine with Acu-Rite 200S 3-axis DRO
1 Colchester Lathe 13"
1 Arboga Maskinger vertical radial drill press 36"
2 Walker 12-speed drill presses
3 Rockwell-Walter Turner drill presses
6 Rockwell-Delta common-stage drill presses

Laser Cutting

1 Bystronic Laser with 60" x 120" sheet capacity; a 4400-watt CO2 Bycell laser with a fully-automated Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) tray. The laser machine is a manufacturing cell featuring an auto-load/unload system with 36-tray storage tower (6000 LB. capacity per tray). It can run unattended for 24 hours.

Shearing/Cut-Off Equipment

1 Cincinnati Shear with 10 foot ¼" capacity
1 Hydro-Mech auto-feed horizontal bandsaw
1 Jet-Verticle band saw


1 Amada Vipros 357 Queen CNC, a 58-station hydraulic punch press with adjustable stroke and auto index.
1 Amada TPL 80SI link motion stamping press with an 80-ton capacity and a 42" x 24" bed capacity.


1 Amada Hydraulic Brake with a 10 foot x 110 ton 5-axis computer programmable gauging system and one-touch quick-change tooling.
1 Amada Hydraulic Brake with an 8 foot x 80 ton 5-axis computer programmable gauging system and one-touch quick-change tooling.
1 Amada Hydraulic Brake with an 8 foot x 88 ton 3-axis back-gauge system.

Welding Equipment

2 Miller Syncrowave 350 & 351 AMP Heliarc Welders
2 Miller 200 AMP MIG Welders
1 Acetylene Welding and Cutting system
1 Lincoln Power MIG 300 with push/pull wire feed technology
3 Lincoln Precision TIG 375 AMPs

Spot Welding

1 Amada 1D 40ST 30,000 AMP/801 KVA Resistance Welder
1 Sciaky 200 KVA Resistance Welder
1 Technitron 100 KVA Resistance Welder
1 Banner 75 KVA Resistance Welder

Grinding and Deburring

1 36" Timesaver Widebelt dual-head wet-deburring/finishing machine
1 Stroke-Master 6" x 10' 2-axis sander
1 Stroke-Master 6" x 6' 2-axis sander
10 Grinding stations utilizing Century Belt Sanders, Rockwell Belt Sanders, Aro Orbital Sanders, Rockwell Disk Sanders, Rockwell Disk/Wire Sanders, Elite Orbital Disk Sanders, and Hitachi Disk Grinders
1 Kramer Barrel Tumbler
1 Vibratory Tumbler with 16" diameter capacity
1 Vibratory Tumbler with 16" x 48" capacity
4 Floor-mounted grinding wheels

Assembly Department

1 Haeger #824 window-touch programmable hardware installer
1 Haeger 6-ton auto-feed hardware installer
1 5-ton auto-feed automatic-press hardware installer
1 6-ton hardware installer
1 Profab/Roper Whitney 5-ton hardware installer
4 Portable hardware installers
2 Air-powered helicoil installers
4 Electric-powered helicoil installers


3 Wet-spray painting stations; all painting done according to customerís specifications
1 Electrostatic powder-painting station
2 Alodine (chromatic conversion coating for aluminum) tanks in accordance with Mil-DTL-5541 (RoHS)
1 Silk screen station
1 Large batch baking oven
1 One-stage iron phosphate parts cleaning station


1 10' delivery van
1 Shipmate plastic heat-sealing machine
1 Speedy Packer used for Instapak Foam Moldings
1 901 Instapak spray booth used for Instapak Foam Moldings
1 Computerized FED EX / UPS/ DHL online shipping and receiving system
We also work with many common carriers
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